environmental artist

My artistic mission is to bring greater significance to the seemingly insignificant. I am a "plastician." I work with plastic waste, detritus, rubbish, fragments of litter, trash, flotsam and jetsam. I work predominantly with plastics. My art supply store is the environment we live in.

My work is inspired and influenced by Gestalt Philosophy, specifically Kurt Koffka’s principle posit,” The whole is other than the sum of its parts”. My “whole” invites the viewer to find increased value and richness in the common and mundane. The world has become plasticized. I rescue this debris from landfills, oceans, beaches and other waterways. I recoup wasted, discarded materials. I re-purpose insignificant items and give them a new purpose. Significance. Beauty. A new vision.

I use a principle of Gestalt Theory called: Functional Fixedness. What use does an object have other than its intended purpose. I manipulate elements to recreate objects of intrigue, conversation and discovery. The most insignificant piece of debris becomes “other than itself”. In return I hope the viewer becomes “other” than them self. I offer the viewer to discover beauty in cast-off items of the insignificant by design, composition, ornamentation, color, form, movement and dynamic juxtaposition of materials.

event chef

Chef Daniel Lanzilotta: A Multi-faceted Lifestyle Artist Directed by a “Back-to-Basics” Approach As much a creative chef as a multi-faceted culinary industry professional and working artist, Chef Daniel Lanzilotta has spent the last two decades plus embracing the art of cooking while seizing all opportunities to share his message of a mindful lifestyle.

An adventurous spirit has carried Chef Lanzilotta across continents; he has worked in kitchens in Paris, Biarritz, Los Angeles, New York City and Fairfield County, CT. He is a proponent of “back to basics” eating that supports an awareness of local and organic foods. He is an advocate in raw food preparation, juicing and cleansing.

Along with his commitment to using fresh, seasonal food with a sound environmental approach, Daniel lives a life of vegetarian diet and environmental activism. He is a proponent of free will and sensible choices not disregarding other people’s food choices.

© Daniel Lanzilotta.